Welcome to the Welcome to the Clawson Family* website and mailing list!

It exists to allow family members who share the Claude Clawson Cottage to exchange information about the family cottage on Pearl Lake.

You can email all members of the group by sending a message to:  ccc‑llc@googlegroups.com

You can view the cottage website at:  ccc‑llc.org
You can view the cottage availability calendar at: ccc‑llc.org/calendarschedule**
You can view messages previously sent to this list at: ccc‑llc.org/mailmessages**

We also have a Facebook group. Search for Clawson Cottage in Facebook Groups and apply to join.

If you’ve booked a date you can’t use, let the family know! Send an email to ccc‑llc@googlegroups.com
If you’ve got news of interest to the whole family, send an email!
If you need help with the website, calendar, or mailing list, contact me:

David Ei

Email:  dei-cottage@eieioh.net
Home:  (734) 353-9542
Cell:      (734) 353-9542

* The Clawson, DeJong, Ei, Masta, Templin, Willson, Zalon extended family

** contact me if you need the password